It sustains us, fulfills us and fuels our wellbeing. ADM is devoted to that impact every single day. Unlocking Nature. Enriching Life. It means the world—to all of us. Sustainability is at our very core. We are committed to finding innovative ideas to minimize environmental impact and to forging strong relationships that support sustainability efforts.

It's Team ADM's plan to carry us forward sustainably over the next 15 years. Learn about our ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, energy intensity, water intensity, and waste to landfills, all by Through ADM Cares, we partner with organizations to solve challenges in three key areas:.

With unparalleled size and scale, ADM is uniquely capable of managing every part of the nutrition supply chain, creating value at every step. We know the only way we can deliver on the monumental challenge of feeding the world's growing population is with an exceptional, diverse team of employees. We're 40, strong. And we're looking for forward-thinking professionals who are ready to make a difference.

ADM and CDP co-hosted an online panel discussion about how responsible sourcing practices can build a more resilient and sustainable food system. Show Menu. Political Contributions Associations. Overview Industries. Search the Site Search. Food is fundamental.Quick view. Choose Options. Alliance 3-D is a high-energy, liquid top-dress that provides energy from soybean oil, flaxseed oil, wheat germ oil, and also provides vitamin E.

An antioxidant is included to help maintain product stability and shelf-life. Components help yield a It can be used for swine, cattle, goats, lambs, It is especially advantageous for animals under stress, such as Add to Cart. MoorFat is an energy supplement comprised of animal fat encapsulated in a milk protein carrier in powder form.

Components of MoorFat enhance condition and performance by producing a smooth, well-defined body condition along with healthy skin and glossy EatMoor is a unique, one-of-kind, top-dress supplement in meal form that stimulates appetite, optimizes gut health and provides nutritional support needed during stress, such as hauling and showing.

Fast Fuel is a mini-pelleted, top-dress supplement for show swine, cattle, goats, lambs, and horses. Fire Extinguisher S is designed to help show swine overcome the negative effects of heat stress. MoorBody is a unique energy and fiber supplement for show swine in a dense, loose mix. It provides highly saturated fat to help develop a hard finish and enhance appearance of skin and hair coat.

It also provides citrus and beet pulp to create gut fill, It provides nutritional support for joint flexibility, helping show animals move with ease and comfort. It contains ingredients It can also be used as a top-dress on show pig rations to supply Pig Navigator is designed to enhance lean growth and muscle expression in show swine.

Rehydrade is a unique energy and electrolyte top-dress in powder form that helps show swine, cattle, goats, lambs, and horses maintain fluid balance.ADM Animal Nutrition places great emphasis on our role in helping you efficiently produce quality beef.

Our role is to formulate and produce only the highest quality beef feeds and feed ingredients through on-going research, formulation testing and documented feeding trials. We then follow through in the production, packaging and delivery of approved quality beef feeds for you and beef businesses throughout the U. You can look to ADM Animal Nutrition for quality, value and efficiency for all your beef feeding needs. We help you meet the nutritional needs of your cattle in all stages of production and in all types of feeding environments.

We deliver the right product for a particular set of cattle at the right time to achieve desired health, production and efficiency goals. From hand-fed beef to pastured cattle to feedlots, ADM Animal Nutrition beef feeds, products and programs are safe, effective and available through a growing network of retail sales, warehouse distributors, manufacturing facilities and sales personnel across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Our team includes reliable resources of independent feed dealers, ADM sales specialists and ADM nutritionists ready to help you profitably raise and finish beef cattle.

Specialty Ingredients. Sweet Unique All-Stock. Show Feed.Advanced research and new technologies have led to the development of greatly improved mineral sources. Never before has a mineral company combined these technologies into one package. Until now. AMPT beef minerals are targeted mineral supplements that provide only the minerals and vitamins in the optimum amounts and ratios that benefit cattle.

AMPT is formulated to be the best mineral nutrition. AMPT-A products are the basic entry level AMPT products and are the AMPT mineral of choice when cattle are grazing wheat pasture or other higher quality forages that meet a substantial portion of nutrient requirements. AMPT-M products are charged with a higher level of magnesium for protection against grass tetany or other situations that require additional magnesium.

AMPT-P products are fed when taking cattle to the next performance level. AMPT-T products are solid, versatile products when you only want to use one mineral year-round. AMPT-T is the preferred product to optimize economics and performance for a majority of the grazing season. Additional nutrient fortification includes natural-source vitamin E and a botanical extract which may enhance stress resistance and rumen function. Endo-Fighter, an ADM exclusive, is a patented combination of components shown to favorably support production and well-being of cattle consuming endophyte-infected fescue forage.

Refer to product labels for complete mixing and feeding directions. Specialty Ingredients. Sweet Unique All-Stock. Show Feed.Horses have unique digestive systems that are designed to process good-quality forages. In order to feed our horses properly to meet their maintenance, work, growth and reproduction requirements, we must have an understanding of the equine digestive tract and horse feeds.

ADM Animal Nutrition

This small stomach is designed to continuously process small amounts of forage and feed. When horses are fed large meals, many digestive disorders—such as colic, founder, ulcers, and tying-up—can result. All Grains Are Not Created Equal You love that smell and look of fresh, plump oats, bright yellow corn and sweet smelling molasses in your feed, and so does your horse. What is in your feed?

How will your horse react to what you feed him every day? Unfortunately, many people have the misconception that energy must come from grains. In fact, of the four categories of horse feeds, grains are a poor second to fats and provide only slightly more energy per pound than ferment- able fibers like soybean hulls and beet pulp and good-quality hays. However, corn and barley provide even less energy when they are not processed, due to their low pre-cecal starch digestibility.

Food is fundamental.

ADM Equine Nutrition has the correct formula for your horse. From a scientific standpoint, horses are classified as non-ruminant herbivores, with digestive tracts designed to best utilize good-quality forages.

Wild horses grazed as their only source of nutrients. In fact, substantial research shows that feeding programs relying too heavily on cereal grains, with limited forage, often result in health and performance problems.

Their products always are made from the same components, unlike many of the feeds that use the lowest cost products to make up the percentages on their label. This program is very comprable in price to what you are feeding now. For easy keepers, you can feed ADM Staystrong minerals, which will not make them heavier, but will provide them with the vitamins and minerals that they need.

One very small cup provides the easy keeper with a balanced nutritional program. This product is a grain mix specifically designed for mature performance horses and broodmares.

It is formulated to meet the special nutrient needs of senior horses and provides a substantial amount of highly digestible fiber, allowing it to be fed without additional forage when fed according to label directions.

ADM Equine Feed

It is an ideal product to use for the senior horses when forage supplies are scarce or of inferior feeding value. It is the perfect combination of fats, digestible fibers, and non-structural carbohydrates for elite performance horses and can be used in growing horses and broodmare rations.

This product DOES NOT contain Corn, and is formulated by combining Natural Glo, Shoy Shine, and Omega Flax with the protein, vitamin, and mineral sources to produce a unique feed that is more energy dense, thus lowereing the feeding rate compared to traditional grain-based horse feeds. A Highly digestible form of energy that contains powerful antioxidants and a significant amount of natural source of vitamin E. Can reduce the risk of digestive disorders, such as tying up, founder, colic, associated with feeding large amounts of grain.

The use of dietary fat reduces the thermal load in working horses, resulting in better stamina and endurance. This product provides Prosponse Yeast, and a natural source of vitamin E with a balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio.

This product does just as the Natural Glo does to reduce the risk of digestive disorders such as tying up, founder, and colic, associated with feeding large amounts of grain. It improves body condition and gives better stamina and endurance for all work loads.

Less acidity and stress in the hindgut with more efficient digestive activity-reducing the risks of the number one and two killers colic and founder of horses. An added bonus with this product is the CORN. It provides a balanced, scientifically formulated complex of 27 minerals and vitamins formulated specifically for horses. Mineral and vitamin supplementation is necessary for horses for several reasons such as required for digestion utilization of feedstuffs, and for metabolic processes, mineral depletion of soils, mineral and vitamin content of forages varies greatly, and due to vitamin-mineral interactions, these nutrients need to be supplied in the correct amounts and proportions to achieve optimum performance.

These product can be purchased in a loose form, block form or in a tub with protein called Pro Vitamin Tub. Close Font Resize. Keyboard navigation.

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Readable Font.Robin, United States Iceland Complete, July 2014 We wanted to tour Iceland on our own, but knew nothing about where to stay, what to see or how long it might take to drive ourselves from place to place. Art S, United States The Golden Triangle of Scandinavia, July 2014 We just returned from an awesome nine day trip with visits to Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo.

Sanjeev, India Four Corners of Iceland, July 2014 This review comes a little late but then better late than never.

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David, United Kingdom Majestic Highlights of Norway, July 2014 I was very pleased with the whole experience. William and Marilyn, United States Iceland Grand Tour, July 2014 The map provided to us highlighting the route and where the hotels were located, as well as attractions, was extremely helpful. Robin, United States Iceland Complete, July 2014 We asked Alexandra to try to get us the best rooms possible that were also quiet, if possible.

Fahad, Kuwait Iceland Complete, June 2014 It was a thoroughly-planned trip from A to Z with many options to select from and add to the trip depending on the location. Elizabeth, United States Pearls of the South and West, June 2014 Our hotels were perfect. Wayne, United Kingdom Pearls of North Iceland, June 2014 All aspects of the trip exceeded my expectations and the service from first contact to arriving home was excellent.

Neva, Canada Scenic Fjords of Norway, June 2014 The location of hotels so close to trains was excellent. Karen, Australia Highlights of Scandinavia by car, June 2014 Excellent assistance and communication from Jennie and wonderful accomodation.

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Bradley, Canada Romance Around Iceland, May 2014 Our first time in Iceland and the staff at Nordic Visitor made the whole experience so easy and hassle free. Cyndi, United States Iceland Complete, May 2014 I had done enough research to be dangerous and overwhelmed. Kimberly, United States South Iceland at Leisure - Winter, April 2014 We had a wonderful time. Graham and Sylvia, Canada The Golden Triangle of Scandinavia, April 2014 We felt that every aspect of our contact with you was professional and excellent and are very pleased we chose to book through you.

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Colin, United Kingdom Winter Romance, March 2014 We had an excellent holiday although it was a shame that we didn't see the Northern lights. Iskandar, Malaysia Iceland Full Circle - Winter, March 2014 Beautiful country accommodations. Bill, United States Northern Lights City Break, February 2014 I travel alone throughout the world.

Laura, Canada Golden Triangle - Starting in Copenhagen, February 2014 Cecilia Markov (the person I was working with predominantly at your company) is AMAZING. Young0419, United Kingdom Northern Lights City Break, January 2014 Even though, I couldn't see any northern lights, it was a good experience to visit Iceland. The "Norway in a Nutshell" has provided me a good perspective of Norway. Geoff and Maria, Australia Icehotel Winter Adventure, December 2013 The Ice Hotel was AMAZING, what a concept.

Anina, United Kingdom South Iceland at Leisure - Winter, November 2013 Our holiday was exceptionally well organised.Note, that as shown on that illustration, just one outlier can be entirely responsible for a high value of the correlation that otherwise (without the outlier) would be close to zero.

Needless to say, one should never base important conclusions on the value of the correlation coefficient alone (i.

Note that if the sample size is relatively small, then including or excluding specific data points that are not as clearly "outliers" as the one shown in the previous example may have a profound influence on the regression line (and the correlation coefficient). Typically, we believe that outliers represent a random error that we would like to be able to control.

Unfortunately, there is no widely accepted method to remove outliers automatically (however, see the next paragraph), thus what we are left with is to identify any outliers by examining a scatterplot of each important correlation. Needless to say, outliers may not only artificially increase the value of a correlation coefficient, but they can also decrease the value of a "legitimate" correlation. See also Confidence Ellipse.

Quantitative Approach to Outliers. Some researchers use quantitative methods to exclude outliers. In some areas of research, such "cleaning" of the data is absolutely necessary. For example, in cognitive psychology research on reaction times, even if almost all scores in an experiment are in the range of 300-700 milliseconds, just a few "distracted reactions" of 10-15 seconds will completely change the overall picture. It should also be noted that in some rare cases, the relative frequency of outliers across a number of groups or cells of a design can be subjected to analysis and provide interpretable results.

For example, outliers could be indicative of the occurrence of a phenomenon that is qualitatively different than the typical pattern observed or expected in the sample, thus the relative frequency of outliers could provide evidence of a relative frequency of departure from the process or phenomenon that is typical for the majority of cases in a group.

Correlations in Non-homogeneous Groups. A lack of homogeneity in the sample from which a correlation was calculated can be another factor that biases the value of the correlation.

Imagine a case where a correlation coefficient is calculated from data points which came from two different experimental groups but this fact is ignored when the correlation is calculated. Let us assume that the experimental manipulation in one of the groups increased the values of both correlated variables and thus the data from each group form a distinctive "cloud" in the scatterplot (as shown in the graph below).

In such cases, a high correlation may result that is entirely due to the arrangement of the two groups, but which does not represent the "true" relation between the two variables, which may practically be equal to 0 (as could be seen if we looked at each group separately, see the following graph). If you suspect the influence of such a phenomenon on your correlations and know how to identify such "subsets" of data, try to run the correlations separately in each subset of observations. If you do not know how to identify the hypothetical subsets, try to examine the data with some exploratory multivariate techniques (e.

Nonlinear Relations between Variables. Another potential source of problems with the linear (Pearson r) correlation is the shape of the relation. The possibility of such non-linear relationships is another reason why examining scatterplots is a necessary step in evaluating every correlation. What do you do if a correlation is strong but clearly nonlinear (as concluded from examining scatterplots).

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question, because there is no easy-to-use equivalent of Pearson r that is capable of handling nonlinear relations. If the curve is monotonous (continuously decreasing or increasing) you could try to transform one or both of the variables to remove the curvilinearity and then recalculate the correlation. Another option available if the relation is monotonous is to try a nonparametric correlation (e.

However, nonparametric correlations are generally less sensitive and sometimes this method will not produce any gains.

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Unfortunately, the two most precise methods are not easy to use and require a good deal of "experimentation" with the data. Therefore you could:Exploratory Examination of Correlation Matrices. A common first step of many data analyses that involve more than a very few variables is to run a correlation matrix of all variables and then examine it for expected (and unexpected) significant relations.

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