Lightweight Lightweight thanks to the use of Aluminum for the production of the receiver and the tail.

marocchi evo

It is available with either manual or automatic ejectors. Even more challenging walks will be more pleasant thanks to the lightness of your Marocchi First. Balance The rapid shots as well as the firing of the second barrel will be quick and accurate thanks to the incredible weight balance. Fundamental fact is the perfect weight distribution that accentuates the qualities of tilt and pointing or penalizes them if the weight of the product proves misplaced.

Skillfully assembled the First embodies qualities of durability and reliability. The character of a tough guy for a lightweight shotgun! Chokes Marocchi produces 50mm chokes for its model First.

Built with the same steel of the barrels we believe that the same elasticity of the materials encourages the distribution of shot in shot pattern. Chrome internally has a very low roughness in order to reduce the deformation of the lead during the passage. Still using the same technology we have developed our extension barrel ideal for those who need superior shooting performances.

The incision has in fact distributed over the entire receiver. First Deluxe is a small upgrade of the shotgun greatly appreciated for the simplicity. Animals golden on both sides of the receiver giving it a fresh and light sense. The wood is walnut standard and is finished with oil. Small solutions make the shotgun a valid alternative to choose from on the market at an extremely competitive price.

The perfect shotgun?!? Technical information. Caliber 12 ga. Chamber magnum 76 mm, 3''. Barrel Length 61, 66, 71cm steel proof tested.

NEW: EVO Sporting TSK Shotgun - Marocchi - IWA 2017

Receiver aluminum alloy. Finish of the receiver nickel with hunting scenes and animals golden. Trigger single selective trigger. Extractor automatic. Stock and forend standard walnut oil finished.

Weight 2. Equipment 5 chokes included, choke key. Accessories Plastic case as an optional. Chamber magnum 76 mm. Barrel Length 61, 66, 71 cm. Finish of the receiver nickel plated with animals.

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Attention: We have put together a thread with tips and a tutorial video to help with using the new software. Please take a moment to check out the thread here: Trapshooters. Previous Thread Next Thread. Joined: Jan 30, Messages: 2. Anyone experience with a Marocchi shotgun? Considering a Evo-model, same price-level as a browning sporter or Beretta sporting. Checked them out, Marocchi seems nicer finished and better balanced.

Any thoughts? Remove Advertisement. Joined: Mar 26, Messages: I had a Marocchi model It was a well designed and manufactured gun that shot and handled nicely. The problem with owning a Marocchi is that dealing with the factory for info or parts is a disaster. If they reply in 9 months consider your self lucky. Most of the time they never reply or offer any support to customers in the USA.

Don't think they have any dealers left as they all had the same problems that I experienced. The Evo is a new model based on an under lug receiver. The previous guns all had the more desirable Boss actions. Guess they are trying to reduce their cost.

Do consider after sale support. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Similar Threads. Replies: 4 Views: 2, BigM-Perazzi Jul 2, Replies: 4 Views: 1, Replies: 8 Views: 4, Replies: 13 Views: 9, JD Shooter Jan 1, Replies: 6 Views: 2,This Boss-style actioned Sporter will be the equal of the most demanding clay buster. Shine On. If you want to make a serious impression on a Marocchi first timer ask him to open the Negrini case the comes in.

What sets the Boss system apart is its inherent strength. Without going overboard, this locking mechanism employs a bifurcated bolt that moves through the standing breech, engaging with bites located within the monobloc underneath the bottom barrel. Where the new wins out is in the semi-oiled furniture department, varying grades of which are available when ordering.

Apart from lifting the comb 5mm plus a little sideways adjustment to the left, the heel and trigger blade of the on test was left alone. Its out of the box that counts and as might have been expected, once assembled, the Marocchi was ready to record some serious scores. The 5lb 5oz trigger pull offered a precise and identical release weight and predictability. Likewise, given the generosity of the manufacturer when it comes to the rubber spacing shims for adjusting the butt angle. By ensuring you count how many are required for each alteration, the comb and heel can be altered within minutes to suit the various disciplines such as a high comb for Trap or a lower setting for Skeet.

But what does immediately come across from the very first moment is how supremely soft the is to shoot. Exhibiting a feel of real shootability when in the hands, the flows easily to the shoulder. It responds virtually before the shooter has asked the question and all the while exhibits an appearance and feel of quality of construction, design and longevity. This is definitely a shotgun the manufacturer has both pride and confidence in.

I'd Have To. As might be expected, the attracted major attention predominantly because of its looks, with numerous onlookers asking if they could try it for themselves. To a man and one woman not one word of criticism was to be heard, all of them vaporising each and every target they aimed at. I have a Marocchi 20 gauge over and under with two triggers. I am trying to find out the value of this gun. I have this gun and I have to say it is the most fantastic tool for clay busting I've ever shoot.

Marocchi Evo

Only problem was the long time I had to wait for it. It took almost 5 months from ordering to delievering And I more and more fall in love with it as time goes by. Buying a Gun or Accessory, Choose from 's of items for sale Shine On If you want to make a serious impression on a Marocchi first timer ask him to open the Negrini case the comes in.

Taking Stock Where the new wins out is in the semi-oiled furniture department, varying grades of which are available when ordering. Buddy Kendrick 03 Sep at AM.By rocky, June 10, in Guns. Anyone on here got or shot one? Never seen one. Miroku get this righttriggers should be polished steel or such. And then there's the support aspect of owning a niche gun. Specifically: What happens if the gun develops a problem? As part of the Caesar Guerini group, Fabarms have good build integrity and the after sale support is among the best around.

Says who? I have no problem whatsoever with the gold trigger on my MX8 one of the best triggers on any gun made.

Marocchi 12 gauge Evo

If you can get over to Cambridge Gun Club, they have a demo you could try. Yes I like Berettas so I bought a err. Don't know about laminated stock shotguns, I had a lam stock Anschutz target rifle and loved it. If a used not knackered one came up for like 12p that would be even sweeter. Funny really I very nearly bought a new black edition about two months ago until I cottoned on to how much of a rip it all is.

The slimmer actionreplaceable shoulders as well as the trunnions. The original gold is without doubt the best gun beretta ever made all things considered imo The sounds like a very good option, especially compared to an ATA, I quite fancy one myself.

Start new topic. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts. Posted June 10, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted June 11, Posted June 12, Beretta Don't know about laminated stock shotguns, I had a lam stock Anschutz target rifle and loved it. Posted June 13, Agree with Martin.

Posted June 14, Go To Topic Listing. Sign In Sign Up.Moderator: shotgunworld. Marocchi Shotguns Moderator: shotgunworld. Posted: Fri Mar 02, pm. Hello everyone, this is the first time I am posting on this forum, hope to be able to post regularly in the future. Recently I acquired a new and First trap shotgun, its a Marocchi model "Zero 3". Its got Is there anyone who owns or uses a Marocchi on this forum?

Marocchi 100 Sporter Chrome

Are these reliable guns or? I look forward to your comments. Several of us here have the Charles Daly Diamond guns. They were made by Marocchi. I sure like mine. Seems like a nice mid-priced shotgun. Good luck with yours. Many thanks for your replies.

marocchi evo

So far I've only done eight rounds with mine so I cannot comment on reliability however it handles and balances well and has an amazingly low recoil. Did not know that Marocchi produce guns for other manufacturers as well.

About 10 years ago I owned a Marocchi model 99 which is almost the same gun as the For the price it is a well made and good shooting gun. I visited the factory in Val Trompe, Italy and found that they manufacture their guns with the most modern CNC machinery and the barrels are induction brased so there should never be a problem with ribs coming loose. Yes they do manufacture guns for other companies also. They also manufacture diesel engine parts for Catapillar Tractor.

marocchi evo

I sold my gun after a couple of years as the importer here went out of business and parts were not available and trying to deal with the factory was an excercise in frustration.

I know a fellow that still shoots one and loves it but when a firing pin broke it was out of action until he had a custom part manufactured locally. It appears that you are somewhere in Europe and perhaps there is an importer in your country where you might obtain parts if needed. If you go to Marocchi's web site they list their dealers for all countries.

If no parts are available in your country, I would try to obtain some spares like springs and firing pins incase they might be needed in the future.

Isn't Marocchi the folks that made the gun for Friggon? I know, or at least believe Friggon is out of business and maybe even passed away, but one may be able to find some parts if they are the same thing.Once you combine this with the smooth boring barrels, you get a more consistent shooting pattern and a reduction in recoil.

The Evo has been crafted with precise care and a lot of time; after more than two years of planning and testing Marocchi released it in two different versions; both for Sporting and Trap classes.

Your action comes in two colour variants - black or nickel. Currently, Michele Pietro Marocchi is at the head of the company, who is a former European champion at the clay shooting championships. Marocchi is now part of a wider company, C. D Europe, which has invested in the CO2 air rifle industry too. InC. D Europe took ownership of Daystate, a British business who is renowned as one of the most prominent PCP rifle manufacturers in the world.

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marocchi evo

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